Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Important Information You Should Know

Bipolar disorder is a type of depression. It is characterized by intense emotional highs followed by intense lows. People that suspect they are affected by this condition should talk to their doctors to schedule a bipolar screening. Millions of Americans are affected by bipolar disorder, and it is genetic. It also happens to be among the most common of all the psychiatric disorders chicago around.

Bipolar disorder affects each sufferer differently although the symptoms of the condition are often very similar. Some people with bipolar disorder cannot sleep while others cannot sleep enough. Some people become overwhelmed by small tasks and have trouble completing daily tasks. They often feel overwhelming feelings of guilt, sadness, or loss. At other times, a person affected by bipolar disorder feels completely the opposite, ready to take the world on their shoulders.

An individual affected by polar disorder may talk excessively at times and hardly talk at all at these times. Focusing on a task is rarely simple and enjoying life seems impossible, no matter how great it appears in other people’s eyes. A person affected by bipolar disorder may have a difficult time opening up to other people as well. Bipolar disorder also causes forgetfulness and may cause you to eat too much or too little food.

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Testing bipolar disorder is usually done with a combination of medications, cognitive and behavior therapy and lifestyle changes. The treatment varies from one person to another. The first step is identifying a problem and getting the help that you need. Talk to your doctor if you suspect bipolar disorder affects your life. There is treatment and there is a way to lead a normal life every single day even when affected by this mental illness.