Once you make the choice to live life drug-free, there will be challenges and desires that tempt you for the remainder of your life. It is a battle of the mind at this point. Many people overcome addiction and never look back but some find it a bit more stressful. Remember that substance abuse treatment liberty hill is there and you can find so many more exciting things to do aside from use drugs and harbor all of the growth that you’ve made. Take a look at our 7 recommended activities when you want to use them.

1.    Go for a walk. There’s something special about the wind blowing in our face that really improves the mood and refreshes our mind.

2.    Call a friend. Support from friends can benefit us considerably, especially when it is a matter of using drugs again.

3.    Write it all down. Whether your journal or blog, releasing all the emotions that you feel can help overcome the moment.

4.    Read a book. Reading can expand your knowledge base and your mind and take you away from the realities of the real world if only for a small time.

5.    Watch TV. The television also has tons of shows and movies to take you away from the real world but be careful that you don’t watch anything that may only trigger your desires even further.

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6.    Play sports. If you’re not that into sports, take control of your life by finding another hobby that you enjoy. Give it your all and using drugs becomes a thing of the past.

7.    Appreciate life. Take a moment to reflect on the things you’ve overcome and the great things that you’ve accomplished since breaking free from addiction. When you appreciate life and all that you have it is so much easier to refrain from using drugs.